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Has anyone replaced the GSP on an N-Class?

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Ralph Grothe
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Has anyone replaced the GSP on an N-Class?


I need to build up this N-Class (see my other thread).
Although our red tape workers are for sure going to extend the HW service contracts for this box I cannot wait until this is settled to call for an HP engineer.
Thus, I most likely will need to do the screwing myself (not up, I hope ;-)
This box'es GSP seems to be broken
because no matter how often I ran through the LS, EL and SO to reconfigure it,
I wasn't able to login to the LAN console but was kicked out immediately after the connection message.
As I thoght a firmware update would fix this I upgraded to the latest FW release B0220.
The funny thing is that the TFTP download worked over the GSP LAN port though.
But this didn't fix my login problem.
Since I have another N-Class where the GSP I know to work, and which will be reshipped to HP for scrapping, I now intend to disassemble the GSP board from there and assemble it in this box.
I was searching the HP docs website and downloaded the rp7400's user manual.
But unlike in former such docs like for the D-Class it doesn't contain those assembly sketches of internals (in German we call them explosion images).
From what I recall from attending HP techies while screwing on the box, the GSP board of an N-Class seems easily accessible.
Anyway, I will find out when I open the cabinet.
But nevertheless, some of you who might have screwed on an N-Class before can give me some hints what I should care for?

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Re: Has anyone replaced the GSP on an N-Class?


The GSP is located on the core i/o. It is a very simple procedure, 2 screws about half way up at the rear of the server. Unscrew, then pull top of black flap towards you gently. Reverse for putting new one in.

There are 2 different types of core i/o;

9000 CORE I/O Assembly-A3639-69201-Tosca GSP

WEB ACCESS CORE I/O-A3639-69019-Maestro GSP

I do know they both work in any rev of N4000, ie A3639A, A3639B & A3639C, but the Maestro GSP is the most recent with more functionality. The part number for the core i/o is located on the right hand side of the core i/o itself. Due to HP part number conventions, expect the Tosca to actually say A3639-69001 and the Maestro to be A3639-60019.

Hope it helps

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Re: Has anyone replaced the GSP on an N-Class?

Hi Ralph,

first step I would take is to reset the GSP to defaults (DC - default config).
Be aware, the EL command has options like "telnet only" or "Web only". If you configure "session mode", you will be on the console immediately after login and need to press CTRL b to go back to the GSP.

The GSP is part of the core I/O board, accessible from the rear. Unplug the power before removing this board! Make sure the replacement board is the same hardware revision, "downgrading" will cause a lot of trouble.

Hope this helps!

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Ralph Grothe
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Re: Has anyone replaced the GSP on an N-Class?


beleive me, I did reset the GSP several times and did flush to defaults by DC,
to no avial.


many thanks for your precise description.
I will print out your posting as guide in the server room.
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