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How many MIPS in a HP9000

Xavi Segura_1
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How many MIPS in a HP9000


I need to know how many MIPS have my RP8420 or if is possible to calculate with some tool.

TPC and SPEC benchmark's doesn't show the MIPS, only tpm or tps, and I only need the MIPS.

Thanks and sorry for my english.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: How many MIPS in a HP9000

Shalom Xavi,


That might help you test.


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rick jones
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Re: How many MIPS in a HP9000

It was my understanding that benchmarks such as SPECcpu were meant to replace the Meaningless Indicator of Processor Speed (MIPS)? Especially since no two definitions of MIPS were ever the same.

To what are you trying to compare that you want a MIPS rating?
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Ted Buis
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Re: How many MIPS in a HP9000

MIPS was created by IBM only for Mainframes. It can't be used in an open systems environment. However, if someone makes you, just multiply the number of processors cores times two (average instructions per cycle) times the clock rate of the processors, and then defy anyone to tell you they are wrong, since there is no definition of MIPS other than on an IBM mainframe.
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