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How to Cold Install HP-UX 10 from CD

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Re: How to Cold Install HP-UX 10 from CD



I now have the new 4.2GB SCSI internal drive installed and have a working console on which I can see system activity and interact with the system. (I'm using QCterm which is an exact emulation of the HP physical conole.) I can see the new drive and the CD using the SEA command. I know which boot path goes to the CD. I played around with it for about an hour or so. I ran a command called 800SUPPORT that rebuilt all the corrupted files except for one (it still cold boots to error A0800 no boot device found, though).


Now that I can interact with the system, what do I do next to install HPUX on the new internal drive - or to completely repair the file system on the existing setup? I noted in the terminal feedback that the corrupted files were due to an improper shutdown, which I figured was the case.


What would you suggest as the next step?