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How to connect GSP/MP remote?

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How to connect GSP/MP remote?

Hp engineer can connect HP server for using GSP/MP, then they can reboot, etc. Normally they dial in the modem connected with serial, could I do it like them? how to do?
Thank you very much!
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Re: How to connect GSP/MP remote?


You should first of all enable/configure your modem connection. Assuming that you already have your GSP working, you should be able to connect through the LAN. When you connect through the modem, it will behave similarly.

Below the step required for setting up your modem:
1. With modem not connected ,use SAM to configure Dial-in modem. A /dev/ttydxpz device file will be created.

2. With modem still disconnected, edit /etc/inittab file and enter a line:
p5:234:respwan:/usr/sbin/getty -h ttydxpz < serial port speed >

3. # init q

4. to check getty is running on the port in a pending state:
#ps -ef |grep ttydxpz
now you should see ? in the tty field.

5.Check DTR on port.With modem still disconnected but powered on,the DTR light should be OFF.Now connect modem to port,the DTR should come on.This verifies that port is setting DTR.If DTR light remains on ALL the time,the modem has DTR strapped high and you should check modem user manual to change strapping.

6. Execute another ps -ef |grep ttydxpz
to check getty is still in a pending state.
If getty has a port No. in tty field instead of ? ,this means modem has carrier detect CD strapped high.Check modem manual to change strapping.

At this point the modem is ready for call-in use.

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Asif Sharif
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Re: How to connect GSP/MP remote?

Bill Hassell
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Re: How to connect GSP/MP remote?

And after all this detail on how to get the GSP port connected to a modem, you do realize that millions of people now have access to your GSP port, right? The GSP has trivial security and with a modem, any automatic dialing program may be able to find your GSP modem. With GSP access, and hacker can crash your system with a TC, or even turn off the power remotely.

Now if this is a test machine, perhaps that is an acceptable risk, but if it is a production server, remove the modem and create a special LAN subnet with the GSP LAN port. Then access to that subnet would be through a special router that can be accessed with a VPN connection. Another alternative is to get a serial port concentrator that has modem access. Most of these concentrators have an optional modem connection which has much better authentication and security.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin