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How to enable a cell on rx8620?

John Wood_4
Frequent Advisor

How to enable a cell on rx8620?

I have just received an rx8620 with 4 cells.

However, only 3 cells are enabled, as shown by the MP:CM> "ps" command for Power Status of the cabinet:

Power Status
| | | | |
| Sys | | IO | Bulk Pwr |
|Bkpln| Cells |Chassis| Supplies |
| |0 1 2 3| 0 1 |0 1 2 3 4 5|
Populated | * |* * * *| * * |* * * * * *|
Enabled | * |* * * | * * |* * * * * *|
Power OK | * |* * * | * * |* * * * * *|
Warning/Fault | | | | |
Attention LED | | | | |

I've tried to power cell #3 on by using the PE command, but this fails with RtnCodeFailure:

[lab017_rx8620] MP:CM> pe

This command controls power enable to a hardware device.

T - Cabinet
C - Cell
P - IO Chassis
X - Complex
R - Partition
Select Device: c
Enter cell number: 3

The power state is OFF for Cell 3.
In what state do you want the power? (ON/OFF) on

Error attempting to power ON : RtnCodeFailure

[lab017_rx8620] MP:CM>

At the EFI shell I see there is a "cellconfig" command, but I don't seem to be in the right mode to run this command:

Shell> help cellconfig
CELLCONFIG [cell] [on|off]

cell : Specifies which cell to configure
on|off : Specifies to configure or deconfigure a cell

1. Cell status will not change until next boot.
2. The last active root cell candidate cannot be deconfigured.
3. After reconfiguring a deconfigured cell, the user must issue
a partition level reset from manageability firmware. Just
issuing an EFI reset with not reconfigure the cell.
4. The system must be in MFG mode to configure cells.

* To deconfigure Cell 0:
Shell> cellconfig 0 off

* To display configuration status of all Cells:
Shell> cellconfig

* To display configuration status of Cell 0:
Shell> cellconfig 0

Shell> cellconfig
cellconfig: Command cannot be executed. Invalid security mode.


Any ideas how I can get all the cells enabled on this rx8620?

John Wood_4
Frequent Advisor

Re: How to enable a cell on rx8620?

Oops - typo in the original title - my system is an rx8620, not rx9620. How can I get the title of this thread changed?

Also I forgot that formatting is lost, so I attach the output from the MP:CM> "ps" command that shows cell #3 is not enabled.
Honored Contributor

Re: How to enable a cell on rx8620?


Did you check all Cell board LEDs? The Power LED should glow green which confirms the power is being supplied to the cell Moreover the cell board should be seated well in place to get enabled.

What you see on the front panel LEDs?
What you see in
MP -> CM -> IO
MP -> SL -> E
MP -> SL -> L -> C ?
MP -> CM -> DF

I guess the configuration of cell "cellconfig" would work only if the ps show enabled and Power OK = yes in ps command and "MFG" mode is used.
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: How to enable a cell on rx8620?


as a quickcheck please try to reset the PDHC of Cell 3.

You can do this with the "ru" command on the MP (in cm> mode).

If this also does not help, then please open a HP support call. Either the NVRAM of cell 3 has to be reset (can only be done by HP) or maybe the cell is defect.

best regards


Marc Morin_2

Re: How to enable a cell on rx8620?

Hi John,

There is a known manageability bug within this family of servers, where if you do a PS command on the cabinet or on a cell that is not part of a partition, it will prevent it from powering on.

In order to recover from this you can use the MP:CM> PE command and select option R (Partition). Even if the partition is "ON" select to turn it "ON". This will generate a "warning" message: Error attempting to power ON : RtnCodeCellSlotPowered. This message can be ignored.

At this point you should be able to power on cell 3.

If it does not then you may have an actual problem with this cell and you should contact HP support.



John Wood_4
Frequent Advisor

Re: How to enable a cell on rx8620?

Thanks for the replies.

I tracked down the problem with cell 3. I used the MP:CM> menu command "DE" to display the Cell Board Controller for cell #3. This showed a power status of "rdy", not "RDY" which the other cells were. From the rx8620 Service Guide I found that "rdy" means Ready Bit State is False, and is either caused by cell latches being unlocked or a problem with a VRM (voltage regulator?) on the cell.

I powered-down the rx8620 & unplugged it, and took the side panel off. And sure enough, one of the slide-catches for cell board #3 was in the unlocked position. I flicked that catch to the locked position, and after a bit of system mgmt I now have cell #3 added to the main partition.

After I unplugged the rx8620, when it next powered up it had lost the MP:CM> Date & Time, so I had to re-enter this. It had also resorted to trying to boot from cell #0, whereas I had installed HP-UX onto the core I/O attached to cell 1. So I had to do a Genesis Config to use cell 1, then add the other cells. Is it expected that these settings will be lost when you disconnect the power?