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How to install shell ...


How to install shell ...

I've installed a rp3400 server and i'm a novice.
Please show me about :
+ What software is needed to install first ?
+ What is shell do i need ? Where can i download and how could i install it ?

Thanks you.
Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
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Re: How to install shell ...


Do you have the the Operating System running already?

What you want to install on that machine is HP-UX 11.11 or 11.23.

Once the OS is installed, you will have a defualt shell on the machine which is the Posix Shell.

To get the Operating System you need to call HP and buy a license for the software, they will be sending you also a copy of it.


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Re: How to install shell ...

Several shells are installed together with the OS by default.

"What software is needed to install first ?"

This depends on your needs!

Do a "swlist" to list all installed software.

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to install shell ...

As stated, shells (csh, ksh, sh) is installed during OS installing
Just after finish OS install you can choose shell you need to use.

Michael Steele_2
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Re: How to install shell ...

If you want to change shells you can do it two ways, temporarily from the command line or permanently in /etc/passwd. Note, that root is always /sbin/sh (posix) and can never be changed. If you do then the system will be unbootable and deny you access.

a) /usr/bin/csh, /usr/bin/ksh, and in linux bash. Use the 'vipw' command or just 'vi /etc/passwd' to change the shell on any other account but root. Again, never change root. The shell parameter is the last parmeter in the line, which is separted by ':'. Do a man on vipw or passwd for more explanation.

b) from the command line just type in csh or ksh. ksh is the best of the lot and often used by many. csh is used by SAP but rumored to be on the verge of extinction. Note that every time you type in a new shell, ie, ksh, you'll have to exit one more time before logging off of the machine. So you log off of the new shell, then the machine, and so on.

Also refer to /etc/shells in the man pages and the /etc/default directory.

Also read up on environment variables which can be displayed with the 'env' command. These variables will change with each shell. Refer to .cshrc for csh and .profile for ksh.

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Re: How to install shell ...

My problem is that i thought that my OS do not have enough shell so that i want to install some thing else.
The instant of lacking shell in my server is i can not use TAB key to autocomplete my command when i'm typing.
What should i read and what can i do ?
Thanks .
Michael Steele_2
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Re: How to install shell ...

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for:

Using ksh and the environment variable EDITOR:

export EDITOR=vi

With both ksh and vi you can auto complete file names using the escape key twice. For example with the file name "...tamvnit_outfile...":

ls -la /home/tamvnit/tam


ls -ls /home/tamvnit/tamvnit_outfile
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Re: How to install shell ...

If you want to use TAB key and arrow keys,better to install bash shell.

Bash shell will be in the "Internet Express" cd cominng along with operating system cd set.

or download from software.hp.com

Once you install it,use bash command to start bash shell.It is very userfriendlycompared to other shells.

Michael Steele_2
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Re: How to install shell ...

Could someone list the bash shortcuts for me? With ksh and vi you get these shortcuts which I find invaluable from the command line. Does bash have anything like these?

# k

This will scroll through all of your commands in the history file

# /pattern

This will search the command history file for a pattern match

# history -100

This will list your last 100 commands by index number

# r ###

This will run the command ### (index number)
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Patrick Wallek
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Re: How to install shell ...

If you do install the BASH shell on HP-UX, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT change root's default shell in the /etc/passwd file.

The default for root MUST be /sbin/sh.

If you change it, you may have problems booting your system.