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How to migrate rp8400 to rp8420

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Rene Mendez_4
Super Advisor

How to migrate rp8400 to rp8420


How to migrate hardware componentes for rp8400 to rp8420

HPUX 11.11

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David Nardi

Re: How to migrate rp8400 to rp8420


We just went through this last month and it went extremely well. We had a production RP8400 (no failover or SG) to upgrade w/ 12 CPUs & 32GB RAM in two nPars. Understand this is a VERY intrusive upgrade!

HPUX required patches:
PHCO_31314 s700_800 11.11 cumulative SAM patch.
PHKL_32005 s700_800 11.11 thread suspend, DaS, panic, physio.
PHKL_30105 s700_800 11.11 remove mem module and LPMC syslog msgs.
PHNE_31153 s700_800 11.11 IETHER 1000Base-SX/T B.11.11.0[4-7] patch.
PHNE_32396 s700_800 11.11 LAN product cumulative patch.
PHNE_33622 s700_800 11.11 IGELAN 1000Base-SX/T B.11.11.[02-21]patch.
PHSS_31985 s700_800 11.11 Support Tool Manager Dec 2003 Patch.
Confirm c8xx (scsi Driver) and igelan Drivers are in the Kernel.
The igelan Driver must be minimum Revision: B.11.11.09 Jun 26 2003

We applied one of the latest Quality Pack and Hardware Enablement bundles before doing anything.

Order "HP Server RP8420 Upgrade Kit" A9785A as well as other components you need to add. The hardware we upgraded included the cell boards w/ 16 total CPUs (older 1GB memory modules were reused and 32GB more was added), PCI card cage (changed to PCI-X), & Core IO cards.

VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to understand that your hardware paths will change when you change your PCI card cage to a PCI-X one. There is a program supplied with the upgrade kit called "hwpthchg" that you run on each partition right before shutting down the system for the hardware upgrade. This will change the paths for you so when you boot after the hardware upgrade your paths will be valid.

When the hardware upgrade is done, you will need to check firmware versions and upgrade as appropriate, this can take a while if it's needed (up to 20 min /cell board). When we were done upgrading the hardware, all our firmware on the new components was fine, so we just booted up and everything came up fine.

There is a very complete upgrade guide you should get "Upgrade Guide HP 9000 rp8400 Server to HP 9000 rp8420 Server" Manufacturing Part Number: A9785-96009 (if you don't have it I can send it to you). It steps you right through the upgrade, the CE doing it will follow it step by step.

Good luck!
Rene Mendez_4
Super Advisor

Re: How to migrate rp8400 to rp8420

Thanks a lot

With new processor many performance problem exists. We configure kernel parameter later the hardware upgrade