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How to switch off RP8400

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How to switch off RP8400

We have a power outage. For that we need to shutdown all our RP8400 boxes. Those have 2 partions each.
We were shutting down both the OS in both partion & switch off Cabinet from Console PE option. But what we found is if we pull cables & put back again, Caninet is becomming on & OS is hetting booted.
As during this power outage, Power will come & go few times, we need to make sure the servers are remain shutdown. Do we need to pull cables after we switch off cabinet to achive this ??

Steven E. Protter
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Re: How to switch off RP8400


In each vpar.

shutdown -h now

In the controlling machine via console, connect with ctrl-b

Then display HE for help.

One of the optins should permit you to power down the systems. The power switch is good once your vpars are down.

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Re: How to switch off RP8400

Could you please give the procedure in step wise. As I told last, We switch off the cabinet from GSP , But when we shutdown power 7 starting again, Cabinet is getting on automatically & thus OS is comming up.

What we need to make sure Cabinet will remain in off even if we switch power on or off. Front switch did not help us.

So my question here is, should we pull out cables till we have our power outage over.

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Re: How to switch off RP8400


I think SEP had explained in detail here are some additional (may be repeat of what SEP had mentioned)
Once you have shutdown all the vpar's using shutdown -h now go to the MP
There it will list options for Cabinet,Cell etc you could select the cabinet and it will be switched off.


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Re: How to switch off RP8400


I'm not sure if this is valid for this system and if it is, from what firmware on.

But there is a MP command

PR : Power Restore Policy Config.

This controls the behaviour after power comes back.

Have a look at this.

Anyway, pulling the plugs is not a bad idea at this moment.

Hope this helps!

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Siddhartha S Sinha
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Re: How to switch off RP8400

I think #setboot -b off might help you. Then you have to boot the server manually.