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How to use the Scan on the fly (SOTF)

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How to use the Scan on the fly (SOTF)

Hi, everybody. I want to know how to use the SOTF to diag the superdome REO problem.
Urgent call, Thanks.
Phil uk
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Re: How to use the Scan on the fly (SOTF)


(I replied on your other post also)

It is a diagnostic test (called JUST) that you run from the SMS. It also depends on what sort of SMS you have as to how you run the tests (unix SMS or PC based SMS).
It is quite detailed and should be run by HP CE's etc.
Also, from the output of the diagnostics then you need to decode what the problem may be.
If you make a mistake in the sequence of events for setting up the JUST tests (the correct daemons etc) - then you can cause all nPARs/vPARs to crash.

I would strongly suggest you get HP onsite to do this.