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Howto re-enable deallocated memory on V2600

Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Howto re-enable deallocated memory on V2600

I have a V2600 with a test station on it.

I rebooted the box.

ALL of the memory was deconfigured. The system obviously did not boot with ZERO Megs of memory.

I know I need to "xconfig" on the test station.
I see there is a "reset" and a "reset complex" button. I know I need to somehow reset the memory cards so hp decides to use them. HP support and I got it all working again. But it seems like it is because I clicked on "reset complex" instead of "reset".

I ran "man xconfig" and did NOT find the meaning of the button "reset complex."

1. Any idea what this "reset complex" button is?

2.. Any idea why the computer decided to deallocate all of the memory?

During the past month (prior to reboot), there was a single bit memory error on MB7R (memory board 7, right hand side). In the console reboot, it showed it probed MB7R, but it did NOT show: "Deconfigure: MB7R", like it did for all of the other cards. This single bit error on MB7R could be a red-herring. Or perhaps a convient guess to the cause of the memory error.