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IP address


IP address

Dear all
i have rp8400 HP server which has two primary card and one PCI standby network card.

the server is partioned vpar into two nodes node1 and node2 .

already i configured node1 primary card with IP address and the standby card remains unconfigured.

My qusetions are
1. How i can make the configration of node1 incase the primary card or it's cable fail?

2. How i can make the users use virtual IP address without knowing the real ip address of node2 when they access the application?

Thank you all
Frequent Advisor

Re: IP address

1.You need to configure MC/Service Guard to use Lancard failover.
2. You need to integrate your application into a package in MC/SG cluster and assign an ip for your package. Then your users can connect through the package ipaddress to your application.
Ted Buis
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Re: IP address

The "standby" LAN card must be part of the Node 1 configuration even if unconfigured or the vpar will not see the I/O card.
Mom 6