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Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

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Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

My spiffy new rp8420's are on their way. I would like to migrate some of my existing 11i OS's into it instead of doing clean installs and moving applications. I assume there are hardware enablement bundles, patches, etc that I need to install on the OS while it's still running on the N4000. Any ideas or links to sites to describe this type of migration?

My hope is to install the enablement bundles and vpar software while it's on the N class. Then, clone that archive onto the rp8420.

Anyone done this before?


ps.. points for all replys!
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

Hi John,

Some old threats, good for reading.



Vpar software.


Yes the N4000 is supported for vpar.

Well as some the other members have said, it depends a bit on how mutch time you have to test. I think if you download all the latest patch bundles, latest ignite version and drivers for the kernel on your new RP, you will have a good change of succes. But do you realy like to build a new server with a potential problem ?

Hope this helps a bit,
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

Much appreciated. I agree with your comments. I'm going to take this oppurtunity to clean-up my systems with fresh installs. It's time to cleanout cobwebs in /usr/local/bin, var log files, etc, etc. I'm guessing I know 98% of what customizations I need to recreate such as printers, special software etc. It's always that 2% that makes me go to Ignite upgrading servers. I have had much luck with K to N and N migrations but it's time to start fresh.

Thanks again!
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

John: all too often, just because it might work doesn't make it a good idea. I would go for the fresh installs too. HP has made bulk patch installs simple and painless enough to just bite the bullet and do it right.

One thing you mention is moving printers -- there is a handy trick you can do with SAM, to save the entire print spool config to a file, in case you need to restore it. This is just one of the normal options in SAM, in the printer and plotter section.

If you just move that file to the new server and restore it there (from SAM), it should install all printer queues that existed on the N4000 on your shiny new rp8420.

Exporting and importing Volume Groups is pretty easy and straightforward as well. Hopefully you can nail it all down on one, and the other(s) will fall like dominos.

Best Regards, --bmr
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

You will need at least the DEC2003 GOLD/HWE bundles on your existing rp7400. For vPars, you will need to upgrade to vPars 3.01.

And Yes, you can use Ignite/UX to migrate your existing 11i rp7400 environments to your rp8420. Or you can simply transport the disks over and "fix vg00".

I've done migrations of 11i environments in the past and there were no issues. If you're licensed for Enterprise OE from your smallest PA8700+/PA8800 systems to the biggest, you should be able to migrate OS's easily and safely via Ignite/UX or simply transporting the OS disk.
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

Hi all,

We have make an Ignite tape from N4000 HPUXi to rebuild an RP8420 and when the server start booting we have this screen :

Boot Path Initialized.

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.43 Apr 12, 2000

ISL booting hpux

: disk(0/0/0/2/;0)/stand/vmunix
8904704 + 1806336 + 1927512 start 0x1fb168

And nothing happen after that...

Any ideas ?
We have :
QPK1100basic B. Quality Pack basic addon (based on QPK1100)
QPK1111 B.11.11.0312.4 Quality Pack for HP-UX 11.11 (consolidated GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i)
QPK1111basic B.11.11.0312.4.01 Quality Pack basic addon (based on GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i)
QPK1111java B.11.11.0312.4.01 Quality Pack Java addon (based on GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i)
QPK1111oracle B.11.11.0312.4.00 Quality Pack Oracle addon (based on GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i)
QPK1111sap B.11.11.0312.4.00 Quality Pack SAP addon (based on GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i)

B5725AA B.5.4.50 HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)

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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?


Is this after your ignite tape recovery completes? As you can see you are booting from disk not tape. If your recovery completed and you are exected to boot from disk, how long does it hang there? My 8420 stops at that point for about 6-8 minutes.
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

Hi John,

Installation from ignite tape working fine and a new kernel is build a the end.

After that, the RP8420 is rebooting and stoping when he's logind kernel.. but since 2 days, the server is always stop at this point.....

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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

Hi again,

when i'm checking VFP from LanConsole, we can see :
# Partition state Activity
- --------------- --------

# Cell state Activity
- ---------- --------
0 Cell has joined partition 1572 Logs

I don't find any informations about : PAT_DATA_FIELD_MINOR_FWD_PROG
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Re: Ignite/UX to migrate from N4000 to rp8420?

thanks. closing this ancient thread