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Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

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Daniel Lindh
Occasional Contributor

Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)


My question might be abit lame so dont bash me to hard :-)

Im about to install some more memory into one of our RP2405. Ive searched the pages for links to the manual so i can see how to get the cover open and howto install the memory but can find anything. Is there a way to browse manuals for old systems online or download them?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

hi daniel,

you can find most manuals at


you can download them from there aswell if needed.

With the rp2405 just remove the front bezel and you will see 2 thumb screws. If you undo these the top cover and front come off in one piece towards you. Remove the power cord first though as the psu is right near the front.

Then just install your memory, cover back on and power up.
Stop the system from booting at PDC and type
in me
This will tell you what memory is in the system and verify its installation before you boot fully into hpux

timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

What you've been told in the previous two messages has been correct.

There are 8 memory slots in your server.

Memory must be installed in DIMM pairs.

The capacity of DIMMS within a pair must be the same.

Install DIMMs with the greatest capacity in the lowest slot numbers.

With that said, I'll give you some of my personal experience with the server. To get the front bezel off it helps to give it a hard pull, straight out the front. Once you have the bezel off, you'll see the access panel to the left for your internal disks and the two thumb screws mentioned in earlier posts. It sometimes helps to open the access panel for the disk bay. Before you go any further, be CERTAIN that the power cord is unplugged from the back of the server. Unscrew the thumb screws and the cover (top & front) will slide about an inch towards the front of the server. Be sure there isn't any debris in the memory slots before you insert your new memory. You have to put the top cover back on to get the server to power back up, there is an interlock switch. Interrupt the boot process at BCH (Boot Control Handler), enter the IN ME command (Information Memory) and check that all the DIMMS are displayed. If everything is ok, type BO PRI and your system will boot.

Good Luck - Tim
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Daniel Lindh
Occasional Contributor

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)


The installation when smooth!

Thanks for the great help!
Haitham Hamad
Regular Advisor

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

Are all the 8-slots active on an rp2405 or just 4 of them? WHat is the max memory it can hold?

Burt Buchen

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)

I am doing the same thing and I get an error
when I try to install more than 2GB of memory.
The error I get is that 2GB is the max memory
allowed. I am only using two memory slots (2x1GB) DIMMs but also have (2x512MB,2x256MB) that it looks like I cannot use.
I only have found documentation saying that only 4 slots are active on the rp2405 but this does not seem correct.
Burt Buchen

Re: Install more memory RP2405 (looking for manual)


The max memory a rp2405 can hold is 2GB.
This is a limitation of the rp2405. In order
to get more memory HP must upgrade the rp2405 to a rp2470. This is a firmware upgrade, that will give you a maximum of 8GB of memory.