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Install "core lan" card drivers

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Install "core lan" card drivers

Hi all,
I have to upgrade the core I/O network card of my HP rp 4410 server into A7011A.
From documentation (5971-4261) I read that:

you will not need to perform the following hardware and software installation steps if your Gigabit
Ethernet card was factory installed (product option 0D1) or its LAN port is “built-in” or “core” LAN.

My understanding is that the card driver is in the system, as this is a "Core Lan".
So I check that but I cannot find it.
Anyway, when I will physically install the card, the system will claim this hardware?

Thank you
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Re: Install "core lan" card drivers

I was slightly confused about your motives until I realized that A7011A is a 1000base-SX fiber-type gigabit LAN card, as opposed to the default 1000base-T card.

Before you install the card, run "lanscan -v".
It will display the name of the driver used for the existing core LAN. It should be "igelan" - at least on our rp4440's it is so.

As "lanscan" sees the adapter, the driver should already be enabled in the kernel configuration. You can use SAM to double-check that.

If "igelan" is the driver mentioned in the installation instructions for A7011A, you can go ahead with the hardware installation - the OS will claim the new card without installing any new drivers. If the driver name is different, you need to enable the required driver in SAM (Kernel Configuration -> Device Drivers) and process a new kernel.

Those lines in the documentation are probably there mainly because the same documentation comes along with each server with a factory-integrated or otherwise built-in gigabit LAN card.
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Re: Install "core lan" card drivers

I do not think HP supports the A7011A LAN card as the core IO LAN. There is no upgrade kit for the core IO LAN that you can purchase from HP.
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Re: Install "core lan" card drivers

There are 2 different core I/O LAN cards for your server, but the A7011A isn't one of them.
You may add this card to another slot and leave the core I/O in place.

Hope this helps!

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