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Installing HP-UX : Problem with terminal setup

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Installing HP-UX : Problem with terminal setup


We are installing HP-UX on a L2000 box, but when we reach the first menu we get a message about the terminal. It claims that the GSP firmware is setup as TERM=HP and my emulator (TeraTerm) doesn't support that.

1) How can I change this setting on GSP? It is not clear to me how I can do that.

2) Does anyone knows any freeware or commercial serial term emulator that can emulate hp terminal?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Unverhau_1
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Re: Installing HP-UX : Problem with terminal setup


To change the terminal type setting on the console port, you want to access the GSP (by pressing and logging in to the Service Processor as needed).

Once at the GSP prompt, enter the CA command. This will initiate a dialog where you can modify all the settings associated with console access. Once this dialog is initiated, just keep entering a carriage return until prompted for the terminal type. The two options are hpterm and vt100.

Select vt100, confirm the change, and complete the dialog. You should be all set!

Best Regards,

Romans 8:28
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Re: Installing HP-UX : Problem with terminal setup

Thanks dave, the nailed the problem.
Bill Hassell
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Re: Installing HP-UX : Problem with terminal setup

1) Dave answered the question. The GSP overrides an excellent terminal sensing command called ttytype, so JUST for the console, you need to match the terminal to the two (only two) settings, hpterm or vt100.

2) The best HP terminal emulator every made is Reflection for HP by WRQ (now: AttachmateWRQ). You'll find that truly 'dumb' terminals like the vt100 (or emulators like TeraTerm or Hyperterminal) are very archaic compared to Reflection/HP. For the sysadmin, the use of an HP terminal makes tools like SAM and swinstall and Glance some 10x easier to use and navigate. And the extremely simple macro recorder allows creation of an auto-login script in just a few seconds.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin