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Internal Drives N4000

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Internal Drives N4000

I am trying to upgrade my internal disks in our N4000's from 9 to 18 Gbyte drives. Can someone verify if I have the correct replacement part?

A5531A 18GB 10,000 RPM Hot-Plug Ultra
SCSI LVD SCA hard drive
melvyn burnard
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Re: Internal Drives N4000

check here:
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Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: Internal Drives N4000

If I may add:
15,000rpm drives save a *lot* on ignite restore and fresh install times.

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Geoff Wild
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Re: Internal Drives N4000

We have:

/usr/sbin/diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c3t3d0
SCSI describe of /dev/rdsk/c3t3d0:
vendor: SEAGATE
product id: ST318436LC
type: direct access
size: 17783240 Kbytes
bytes per sector: 512

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Pete Randall
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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Internal Drives N4000


Yes thats correct

from the config guides

9gb A5505A
18gb A5531A
36gb A6089A

and you can only install two drives internally

Ted Buis
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Re: Internal Drives N4000

You might ask hp about the availability of the A5531AR (remarketed) if they can't supply the A5531A. If none, then ask about the 36GB version, again with an R at the end for remarketed, if new ones are no longer available.
Mom 6