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Issue with MP Card on RP-7420

Occasional Contributor

Issue with MP Card on RP-7420

Hi all:

we have a four RP-7420 and actuallity the MP card for two servers do not work anyway.

the leds master MP and DVD/Tape show off, of course the leds for 100 and 10 base T do not show link too.
i tried to reset this card with the button rest for MP, but does not work too.
i don't understand what is the problem.

can you help with this issue... please

thanks a lot

Deepak Kulkarni
Regular Advisor

Re: Issue with MP Card on RP-7420


Seems hardware issue. Please contact HPRC with the warranty details.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Issue with MP Card on RP-7420

what your console shows?

It may be MP LAN cabling problem?

If everything is OK then it might be H/W problem.

Sherif A. Louis
Valued Contributor

Re: Issue with MP Card on RP-7420

well resetting the card will do u no good. You should either try to hard reset this mean take it out and insert in again and see how this goes!! and are u sure that this the master MP? it could be the secondary.

You have two MPs at most on the rp7420 one on top and one on bottom the one on the bottom is the MASTER since it is connected to cell 1, the default primary cell, and if you have 1 npar of two cells then you'll only have one MP operating.. just make sure of that. Thank you.
Avinash Agarkar
Valued Contributor

Re: Issue with MP Card on RP-7420


Try to take a downtime for the server, check it you are able to access the MP console then their is no issue with the MP console.

only the Led may have problem, try to upgrade the MP firmware and then check or contact Hp RC for replacment.

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