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K Class Server CPU ratings

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K Class Server CPU ratings

Hello Friends,

I have a K450 server with 4 160MHz CPUs and 1GB memory.I want the processor ratings , so that I can purchase for servers with matching processing powers.

Thanks & Regards
Todd McDaniel_1
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

afaik, all the new servers coming out come with 750mhz cpu...

I have some old N-4000 that have 550 mhz cpu.

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Victor Fridyev
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings


K450 with 4x160 MHz CPU ~ rp2470 with 1x650 MHz CPU or rp5430 with the same CPU.
You can find some comparision here:

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curt larson_1
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

which ratings where you looking for?

PA-RISC version 2.0 64-bit
10 functional units: 2 integer ALUs, 2 shift/merge units,
2 complete load/store pipelines, 2 FP multiply/accumulate units, 2 FP divide/square root units
4-way superscalar
2 address adders
96-entry fully-associative dual-ported TLB
TLB miss penalty of 61 cycles
32-entry BTAC (Branch Target Address Cache)
256-entry BHT (Branch History Table)
dynamic and static branch prediction modes
off-chip L1 caches up to 1MB I and 1MB D, realized in synchronous 6.7ns (150MHz) late-write 1Mb SRAMs, one cycle latency
caches are direct-mapped and dual-ported
56-entry instruction queue/reorder buffer (IRB)
each instruction includes five predecode bits
bi-endian support
Runway system/memory bus, 120MHz, 64-bit wide, featuring split transactions and glueless multiprocessing. Max. throughput of 960MB/s
Up to 180MHz frequency with 3.3V core voltage
17.7 x 19.6 mm2 die, 4'500'000 FETs, 0.5 micron, 5-layer metal CMOS packaged in a 1,085-pin flip-chip LGA package,
SPEC95 int/fp: 11.8/20.2
SPEC2000 int/fp: 125/153
Jesse Dougherty
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

Hi Vinu, my 9000 Enterprise Server ordering guide tells me that the TPM or transaction per minute rating for a K450 with 4 CPU is 14200e. This might be a good processor gauge to compare to other HP servers. I dont have links to this information, just information from books... The systems that are around the same TPM level are:

9000/A500/550-2 way
9000/A500/440-2 way
9000/L2000/550-2 way
9000/L2000/440-3 way
9000/L2000/360-4 way
9000/N4000/550-2 way
9000/N4000/440-3 way
9000/N4000/360-4 way
9000/K260-4 way
9000/K370-3 way
9000/K380-3 way

Hope this helps.
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings



Ted Buis
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

The K450 used the PA-8000 processor, and had off chip cache (1MB Instruction + 1MB Data).
The memory bus was 960MB/sec. HP-PB I/O slots were <32MB/sec and HSC slots were <160MB/sec, and they were shared bandwidth except for the HSC slot on the core I/O which was <120MB sec. Those numbers were peak (downhill with the wind behind your back). Today, if you can use HP-UX 11i, you can get pa-8800 based systems, like the rp 3440-4 with up to four 1GHz processors (1.5MB per core on chip cache and with a 32MB of chip cache shared over two processor cores), a 6.4GB/sec bus from the processor and up to 4GB/sec of I/O bandwidth with PCI-X cards. One processor core is more than a match for the K450 with four CPUs. Still, you want to get more RAM, as 1GB is very light for a 4 CPU configuration even on your K450. With today's fast chips, usually 2 GB per CPU is a good starting point, and 2 GB of RAM is the recommended minimum memory for HP-UX. Also, make sure that you don't drop your number of physical disks to lower than what you had on the K, unless you know the number of I/O's per second that you need and have calculated what you will get from a new disk solution.
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Bill Hassell
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

Other than purchasing used K-class servers, you won't be able to find anything that slow! The current rp-series is many times faster, and a lot cheaper than the original K-class boxes. However, none of the new boxes will run older operating systems. So if you aren't running HP-UX 11.11 at 64bits, buying new hardware may create compatibility problems for your applications.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Brian M Rawlings
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

Vinu: as others have said, it's not possible to find anything that slow anymore. I suggest you upgrade to an RP2405 1-way for a few thousand, or a 2-way for $10K-12K. If you absolutely have to slow it down to the speed of the old K450, you could just start a bunch of active processes to simulate an old slow box (just kidding).

Here is a document I put together, gleaned mainly from www.tpc.org and www.spec.org, which lists a variety of HP boxes, with relative performance figures (some interpolated, some based on other, similar boxes). It ain't perfect, but it is a decent enough general guide to relative server performance. Use at own risc (pun intended).

Hope it helps!! --bmr
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Re: K Class Server CPU ratings

Thanks Brian,The document u had sent is greatly helped me.