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K-Class server remotre console

Sunil Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

K-Class server remotre console

Hi All,

I have few K Class servers remotly located.
I want to access there console how should i go about it ? Please tell me all possible way ? I have access to the subnet where these server located.

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Re: K-Class server remotre console

Sunil you can configure an modem for remote acess in one of the box .Once you dial in and connect to the machine .then you can roam to the other machine, through rhosts or rlogin.
Best Of Luck
Sunil Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Re: K-Class server remotre console

Hi Kamal,

As i said i have access to that subnet and i am able to access all servers. my requirment is that i want to have console access so i can do system admin tasks sitting remotly like patching etc.

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Fabio Ettore
Honored Contributor

Re: K-Class server remotre console

Hi Sunil,

check this thread about Web and Lan console:


I hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Edward McCouch
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Re: K-Class server remotre console

I had a couple of Kclasses that were tended to page me late at night. I got tired of driving in to fix the problem, so we looked at a couple of solutions. The one that we found worked best was a Secure Console Server. Basically it's a Linux box inside a switch.
Here is a link to a couple of good products.:

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: K-Class server remotre console

The console on most computers is serial and has nothing to do with a LAN. So having access to the computer's console requires a translator, typically a terminal server. One solution is HP's Web Console, a serial to web adapter. Another are the myriaad of terminal servers from Cisco, BlackBox and others. The modem solution is a possibility but requires an analog (plain old telephone) line. And most important for ALL remote consoles: it is a critical connection to the computer and if infiltrated, the computer can easily be trashed. If you use a modem, put a password on it. If you use a terminal server, get an SSH version. You'll need SSH software on your end too.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: K-Class server remotre console

Another way that you can do it is to use cable splitters to route the console port to another systems additional serial port and cu into the console that way. As long as you have access to a system with an available serial port close to the server that you want console dig up my documentation access to youâ re set. You can setup a reciprocal configuration. Iâ ve done this but itâ s been a while back since I havenâ t worked with K-Class systems in some time now.

Below is some of the configuration from what I remember:

Always use the UPS port for the
connection to the peer system's console. The REMOTE port will cause problems.
L and N class device file to append to /etc/uucp/Devices:
Direct tty0p1 - 9600 direct

To get the console on the peer system do the following:
Open an xterm window on server A.
From server A's xterm window, cu -l tty0p1 dir
The above cu command will take you to Server B's console window.
It may be necessary to set TERM=vt100, LINES=24, COLUMNS=80. Don't forget to
export the variables. Also, the Ctrl+B will take you to the GSP. Thus, be
careful when in vi. Remember that the 'co' command exits the GSP.

Append the following to the /etc/uucp/Devices file if not already added per above:
Direct tty0p1 -