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K-class: strange front panel code


K-class: strange front panel code


we're putting together a K250 system from old spare parts and got the following front panel error code:

CPUs=0010 PS=2

This seems to indicate a problem between the cpu and the power supply. The CPU is an A3398-60002, the power supply has part no. 0950-3020. Which power supply would match the cpu? Which CPU would match the power supply?

Best regards,
Peter Singhof
Patrick Wessel
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Re: K-class: strange front panel code


The power supply is the right one for a K250 but... the CPU is from a Kx20. Are you sure all CPUs are the same? If so, try the 0957-0279 power supply (it's 'smaller' than the one you used)
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Curt Thompson
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Re: K-class: strange front panel code

Hello Peter,

The part number you gave for the processor board looks more like a K4xx processor board, not a K250. The K250 processor board has a part number: A3261-60013. However, the part number for the power supply looks correct.

Also, if this system only has one processor board, make sure it is in slot 0, not slot 1. Its easy to get it wrong.

Good Luck,
Andreas Fibiger
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Re: K-class: strange front panel code

Also have in mind that the Backplane board is correct as well. It must have partnumber A3284-60010, and the matching microcode as well.
The Kx50 is as mentioned in other reply p/n A3261-60013 and the PSU must the large K-Class PSU, meaning that it must extend the chassis and it has a rear fan. So theese are actually the only three parts you may need to put together a K250 (if you have a base server..).
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Re: K-class: strange front panel code

Hi Peter,

I have the same strange front panel code on my k360 (with 2xPA8000,180Mhz).

CPUs=0020 PS=1

(with one CP

U board)


CPUs=0022 PS=1

(with both CPU boards)

Do you solve the requested problem, HOW ???

Has somebody a idea or information?


Ove Blumert
Cheryl Griffin
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Re: K-class: strange front panel code

Please open a new thread with your question.
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There may be someone else who can help you.
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