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K200 error message

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K200 error message

I have a K200 server.
When I turn it on on the LCD Panel I have the following error message:
INIT CC11 PowerShutdown
What does it mean? What I can do to resolve it?
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Re: K200 error message


Look at the LCD display and post exact message reported. Powershutdown will be shown along with the one of the below display.

DC Overvoltage
Ambient temp
Internal temp

Did you change any thing in the system recently? INIT CC11 is message of initializing the system! Could you reach upto BDC? Then you can findout any HPMC logged!

Contact HP support.

If you can try start the system with minimum configuration.

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Re: K200 error message

INIT CC1x Early CPU rendezvous, Where x = CPU

It seems to be a CPU problem... try to unplug CPU N° 1 and try again to boot...

Stf ;
Brad Baron
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Re: K200 error message

Stf is correct that it is possibly a CPU problem. The best way to start is to reseat all CPUs and the power monitor card (sheet metal card mounted between CPU0 and memory is powermon PCB), and retest. Be sure to remove AC before removing anything. If it fails after reseating then pull all CPUs from the system (front & back) and insert only 1 into front left slot CPU0 and test. Continue trying one CPU at a time until it boots past the CC11. Try booting with each CPU in slot 0. You will most likely have one that won't while the others are ok. You can then add the remaining CPUs in the remaing slots to test the CPU slots if all work in slot 0. I have seen this problem be a system board also. If you acquired CPUs you are trying to add to your K200 be sure they are the same part #. You could have a bad powermon pcb or even possibly a p/s. When the system fails to boot and just hangs almost immediately it could be several things. Possible that just reseating everything will work. Let me know if you get it and if not we'll think of something else.