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Re: K260 Boot Problem

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K260 Boot Problem

Hi guys,

Im having a problem booting my k260 loaded with hp 11.00.No changes were made recently but 2 days ago the system went down just like that for no reason.It stops at the BCH and i can't boot using the disk.tried the recovery tape as well but no luck with it.Im getting this error while booting up:-

"Cannot find ENTRY_TEST
Failed to Initialize.
Status = -4
Failed to Initialize"

While at the server LCD screen it shows


The above warning doesnt come together but it comes after one another....

there is also this

IPL error : bad LIF magic

What is this errors meaning?

I'm suspecting its a internal disk faulty...

just want to have a second opinion from the gurus out there....

thx in advance

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Re: K260 Boot Problem

Your system cannot find a boot device. That's what the system is telling you.

This is most likely due to a bad disk.

If you have more than this disk on the bus, try a search (without IPL option) if the system can see other disks. If not, you have a problem with the bus or the controller (core IO).

Hope this helps!

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Re: K260 Boot Problem


The server seems to be having a problem, the boot disk might have failed, you can try to boot from the mirror disk(if mirrored)
You can try ti interrupt at boot and do a sea(search) to see if it returns all the disks.

If you dont have a mirror disk and if it does not boot from the OS disk looks like you have to get the disk replaced and load the OS from a ignite tape image(hope you should have one of them)


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Re: K260 Boot Problem

Try running "sea" from the BCH to see what devices the system can see. If it can see the tape drive and the boot disk(s). Try running "sea ipl" to search for devices with a bootable LIF section. It should return the tape drive and boot disk(s) if they are truly bootable. If your system is mirrored, the "sea ipl" will return the mirrored root disk for you to boot off of.

WARN A008 means no boot device found. This means that the system cannot locate the primary boot disk.
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Re: K260 Boot Problem

Thx a lot guys...it was a disk problem after all and we have change it...thanks all again....