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K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

Konstantin Koptev
Occasional Visitor

K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

Hello, I have an old K260-EG machine in our server room that has been up longer than I have been employed here. It finally went down over this weekend, and ever since then I've been unable to get it to boot.

The machine cycles through the initial tests, and then halts with a message on the small LCD display saying:
All the while, it displays nothing to the main screen, and does not seem to react to the keyboard.

I have read the discussions at http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=77621 and http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=361129 , but neither of those solutions seem to work. The machine does not have a dedicated console per se, rather it has just a generic flatscreen monitor attached to the back via an adapter, and a regular Dell keyboard attached to the PS/2 keyboard jack. I have tried unplugging the keyboard and plugging it in while holding D, holding D while rebooting the system into standard and into service modes, and holding D while power-cycling a KVM switch I tried connecting the peripherals through in a fit of desperation, but none of these attempts seemed to produce any results. The monitor has stayed dark throughout (except when it got the messages from the KVM switch starting up), and the K260 did not seem to react in any meaningful manner. I have also tried typing Ctrl-B and co, but that seemed to produce no effect either.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting this machine to boot, or can anyone tell me what I've been doing wrong while trying to apply the above solutions?

Thanks in advance,
Konstantin Koptev
Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

Since the machine has not booted in a very long time, double check that the console cables are still attached to the ports that the machine is expecting.

Do you have any other kinds of dedicated consoles that you can attach & try?
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

The INIT C440 indicates that it is retrieving the console path from stable storage. I would suspect a console disconnection or failure.

Try resetting the console - power down the console, hold the 'd' key down, and power it back up, holding the 'd' key until you hear the second beep.

What are the chances...
Konstantin Koptev
Occasional Visitor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

I've dug up an old HP 700/RX terminal in our storage room and tried hooking that up to the server, but I still get no result. The known-good monitor I connected to it remained blank at all times, and there was no reaction to turning the terminal off and on while holding the d key for 15+ seconds on the keyboard I attached to it.

I made sure that the RS232 cable connecting the terminal to the server is attached securely, and likewise for all the peripherals I attached to the terminal, so that shouldn't be the source of the problem.
hyun-seok kim
Frequent Advisor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440


I think, That is normal condition for your case.

First remove your graphic display and keyBD
and Then attach dummy terminal, in this case, you have to use cross cable..

Dummy terminal can be HP-TERM(use 9-25pin 24542G cable), or Your Note PC (9-9pin cable but TX,RX crossed)..

afer then, turn on the key switch to Service location. and Press Cntl + B..
If you can see " CM> ", It's OK!!
UNIX for all
raymond legault
Occasional Visitor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

Try typing CO to return to consoile mode if you have the CM> prompt

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: K260-EG fails to boot with an INIT C440

The 700/RX terminal is a LAN-based Xwindows somputer, not a terminal. You need a 'real' terminal such as a 700/92 or other 700/9x series terminals. The K260 may have a graphics board installed, but the graphics board may have failed. The only reliable way to see what is happening is to connect a real terminal to the console port and remove the graphics board from the K260. The D-key method to reset an HP terminal has no meaning with a graphics device.

Now, CTRL-B will talk to the processor ROMs but ONLY if the front panel keyswitch is in the far right position (service mode). Note that you must use a printer or crossover serial cable to connect a real terminal to the K260. If you don't have an HP terminal, you can use a PC with a 9pin-9pin printer cable and run hyperterminal.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin