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K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane

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K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane

Greetings to all!

I have a quick question about the power requirements on a K370/K570 server & the HSC Backplane card.

The unit currently has the following specs:

-6x 200mhz Processors
-2 RAM Carriers, 3968MB Total (4GB)
-4x 36GB SCSI Drives
-Core IO
-4 Slot HSC Backplane board with:
2x Fibre Channel Cards
-3x HPPB SCSI/Parallel cards
-1x HPPB LAN Card.

First- the unit origenally came with a 2 Slot HSC Backplane card (2 slots said "unavailable"). I have upgraded it to a 4 Slot HSC Backplane card.

Both these cards are basically identical, just the 2 Slot is missing the PCB components to make it a "4" Slot HSC Backplane card.

Will this new 4 Slot HSC card work properly, or do I have to use the 2 Slot card?

And second, the unit has a rather large (and heavy) Power supply. It has the standard C19 Connector on it. The Max ratings are 16 Amps @ 120V.

So, can I plug this thing into a standard Wall socket (with the proper C19 power cable), and would it literally draw 16 Amps, or something more reasonable like 10-13 Amps? I'm up in Canada here, and I want to get this thing running HP-UX or Linux in my basement, I just don't know if I will need a specific 20 Amp breaker to run the thing.

Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
Honored Contributor

Re: K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane


For K370, the available HSC slot is only 2.

But for K570, the available HSC slot are :
- Primary 4 slot HP HSC Expansion I/O
- Secondary 4 slot HP HSC Expansion I/O

The HP9000/K370 is for HP-UX OS only, cannot run with Linux.

The 20 Amp breaker is should be fine. Since on the max load, the input current is 16 Amp on 120 VAC.

Hope this information can help you.

now working, next not working ... that's unix

Re: K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane


That sort of confuses me.

The unit says K370 on the front panel, however, the rear backplane has the following configuration:

4x HPPB (Single or Dual Height)
Core IO
Expansion IO
Expansion IO or Processors 4&5
Processors 2&3 -- PSU covers Proc 2&3 also
Power Source /

Processor slot 4 seems to have the additional plug available for the second Expansion IO module on the backplane board (A3694A, Dual Bus HSC Card) below the Processor socket.

The machine **CAME** with a A3641-60013, a Dual Slot HSC Card. I currently have a A3641-60005 4 Slot HSC Card installed.

That being said, I don't know if the machine is a K570 or a K370, despite the cover saying K370. Is there any way else to tell if the machine is a 370 or a 570? The addition of the socket for the second (Procs 4&5) Dual Bus HSC Card seems to suggest that it is a mislabeled K570, but I'm not really sure.

Also, about the power- I'm trying to figure out if I can run it off my 15 Amp breaker without replacing it. What I was asking is if the machine is truely going to pull 16 Amps, or if it will pull something lesser with the configuration as above (I had a old Netserver LS2 that said it pulled 10 Amps, when in reality it was only about 2 Amps...).

Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
Honored Contributor

Re: K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane

Hi Keven,

If your system can boot normally, the easiest way to find out whether your system is K370 or K570 is with 'model' command :

# model

This command will show you the model string of your system. If I'm not wrong, this information can also get from BCH mode (but not sure about the command, try 'info').

For current, the 16 Amp is for the max load, this mean the system run with the complete configuration (max memory, max CPU, max I/O devices). So you're right if your NetServer only consume some of the current rather the one on the specification. But if you would like to get the precise one, I refer you to use the Amp-meter to check the present current used on your system.

For me, I rather to put above the specification. This just to make sure I have a spare enough for the expansion in the future.

Hope this information can help you.

now working, next not working ... that's unix
Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: K370 Power Requirements & HSC Backplane

The differences between the K370 and K570 were driven by marketing. HP wanted to offer a lower end K-class that could be upgraded to the full model but at a lower price. You can see the differences in the upgrade procedure guide. http://www.docs.hp.com/en/A3687-90001/A3687-90001.pdf
The K370 only supported the two additional HSC slots. I don't remember the specifics, and I will leave it to you to read through the 78 page document to see if you need an upgraded power supply, or firmware upgrade for the K370 to get to a K570. As to LINUX, try http://www.parisc-linux.org/
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