HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Re: K420 continued...

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K420 continued...

I currently have 6400 rpm drives. Can I upgrade to 10K and increase my current data rate of 20MB/sec? I'm wondering what my theoretical limit is for internal drives. I have 3 processors and can add one more. Any ideas?
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Re: K420 continued...

Hi Greg:

The maximum throughput of a HVD SCSI bus is 20MB/s; you are not going to exceed that.

Going to higher speed drive will decrease the latency associated with rotational delays. The Configuration Guide lists these suggested values for a single HVD bus:

Heavy Sequential 5 Disks
Heavy Random 10 Disks
Light 15 Disks

Your much better answer is to purchase another SCSI controller and external disks so that the I/O is better distributed. K-box components are dirt-cheap on the used-equipment market these days.
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Re: K420 continued...

Ask and you shall receive