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K460 Server External disk not sensing

Frequent Advisor

K460 Server External disk not sensing


K460 with EXternal HASS A3311A DF SCSCI.
One internal disk 9GB FWD

1.K460 had one Internal disk and five external disk.(Core IO FWD BUS)
2.cutomer want to disconnect internal disk use only external.
3.when we disk connect internal disk Non of the external disk getting sensed in PDC Search.
4.I have tried with and W/o combination of internal and external termination .Bo luck.

5.Whenever we connect the internal disk back, then all the external disks sensed in PDC search.

6.I wsa suspect could be SCSI range of address for external disk, then I tried only one disk at external bus and disconnect the internl disk.No improvement external disk is not visible in PDC search.

IN actual whenever we disconnect internal disk we are not able to external disk,.(Even with &w/o internal and ext termination)

7.PDC version:39.43

8,Suspecting CORE I/O card today we yet to replace.

Any suggestion and recommandation Appriciated,.
Frequent Advisor

Re: K460 Server External disk not sensing

It was Core IO card problem.After replacing the same, we could able to disconnect internal disk.