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K580 memory upgrade

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Jack Long
Occasional Contributor

K580 memory upgrade

I have a K580 that I'm going to be adding a 512mb (2x256)module to. After reviewing the current server configuration this is what I've found:

Carrier 0 - has a 512 module in banks 0 and 1
128 modules in banks 3-5

Carrier 1 - has 128 modules in banks 0-3
256 module in bank 4

I know this configuration is incorrect as far as performance. So this is what I think I need to do to correct the situation while doing the 512 mb upgrade.

Carrier 0 - 512 modules in banks 0-1
128 modules in banks 2-5

Carrier 1 - 512 module in bank 0
256 module in bank 1
128 modules in banks 2-5

The 512 modules and 256 module are going to have an uneven number, so I'm assuming the above configuration is valid. Is there a rule that states a need to do something different for uneven modules?

I have attached a digram that should make more sense of what I've stated above.
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: K580 memory upgrade


Take look at this doc.


Page 27. (Memory Optimization Procedure for Dual Memory Extenders â Overview)

Hope this helps,
Pedro Cosmen
Valued Contributor

Re: K580 memory upgrade

This will work and the performance (the best solution) will be acceptable, but HP reccomends for configurations between 1,5Gb an 4Gb the use of 256 Mb memory modules exclusively for optimal performace, and for configurations above 4Gb the use of 512 Mb memory modules.