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K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

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David Chau_2

K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

Unable to get pass this stage. Even with key in service - CTRL B - RS and hoping to be able to interrupt the boot process to get the PIM data!

So far, I have removed h/w one by one to only minimum: one cpu, min. memory, core i/o and NO disk. Also tried another core i/o and good known cpu with no luck. All h/w have been removed and reseated.

Any feed back on this problem is greatly appreciated.

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Re: K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

What is the firmware level of the PDC?

Stf ;-)
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Re: K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

CBF0 means there is HPMC. From PDC, go to SER menu then type PIM to list the HPMC details. It will list HPMC codes with timestamp. Post that for further diagnosis.

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Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

Hi David,

PIM data is important on this issue, since the FLT CBF0 indicate HPMC issue on your system. Get it from BCH mode, you can pass it to us OR to HP to decode it.

But if you cannot go to BCH mode, the troubleshooting is to minimize the system.

Check the core I/O, there's a slow blow fuse in there ... sometimes this is a cause of the problem.

One thing that you've been missed is the system board 8-).

Call HP for help is the good way on this situation.

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David Chau_2

Re: K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

Thanks for all the feed back.

AW, You're right. The one thing that I have not touched is the system board. H/W was already at minimum. Still can not get to BCH.

I have move everything to another server and this trouble K580 is now shut off. I will check everything out including the system board and will post.

Thank you all... AND happy posting!!!

Andrew Rutter
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Re: K580 with FLT CBF0 TRAPS

hi david,

one thing that may be worth trying is the coin cell battery aswell.
Ive seen funny things happen on the K's when the batteries dead. check the voltage, it should read 3v or close to it.
Also its worth reseating the power monitor board and power supply aswell, as a bad connection there on the system board can cause problems, especially id you had it out to upgrade the processors?