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Eugene Klaus
Frequent Advisor


I have acquired a K580 recently.
I have been trying to boot the server or to at least get into GSP and have had no luck.
The server goes through the test cycle and does not respond to either escape or control-B
attempts to interrrupt.

At the end of the test cycle the LCD panel displays the following message:

Warn A008
Boot CPU 0123

The server still will not respond to control-B and there is no attempt to boot from any drive including the CD in which I have an install CD.

Does anyone have a clue?
Is there a secret hand shake I am not aware of?

Please help?!!?

Gene Klaus
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Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: K580

The K series did not have a GSP. It would normally go right to the boot screen. You are going to need to figure out what the A008 warning is indicating and fix that. Hopefully some of the gurus out here can help more.


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Re: K580

See this thread I found with a quick Yahoo! search for "WARN A008".
Jeff Traigle
Deoncia Grayson_1
Honored Contributor

Re: K580

Error code Warn A008 --> No bootable device found

You might be suffering a hardware problem..
Check these links for more info:

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melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: K580

The K-class servers never had GSP's.
There is a key switch that needs to be set to the Service Position to allow a Cntl-B to work.
This manual may helop:
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Re: K580

Did you connect a console ? Are you getting any message on consolee . Please make sure that the console is configured with correct baurd rate and emulation .Otherwise the kbd will not work .

GSP is not present in K class , you have to attach a console to see the error message .

Also some thing unique to K . If it does not find a Console it may not boot at all .

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Eugene Klaus
Frequent Advisor

Re: K580

Thanks to all!

I have the answers I needed.
Warn A008 means that the server did not find bootable media.

I have a K250, old bugger and it responds to the control-B without the key. Now that I know that about the key I will chack it out.

Again thank you all for the rapid response.
I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: K580

In order for the CTRL-B sequence to work, the key must be in the SERVICE position, which is turned all the way to the RIGHT.

At the point you are though, CTRL-B will probably not do you much good.

I'm a bit surprised the attempts to interrupt the boot sequence don't work. You should be able to just press the SPACE bar, ENTER, or almost any other key at the "Press any key within 10 seconds" prompt which should then take you to the ISL prompt.

The "WARN A008" means that it couldn't find a bootable device.

Various K580 LCD panel messages in the various documents here: