HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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KVM switch support

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KVM switch support

Hi all,

I am using a rp3440. I want console output to be displayed on a normal Monitor through a KVM switch but can not. KVM switch is working fine. How shoud I conect it? Can anybody help me?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: KVM switch support

Shalom Walker,

I don't think these servers support KVM at all.

They do have a CSP network port, which you can hook up to your network. You can telnet or ssh to it and have full management of the machine.

This management interface is very,very robust.
We have a more than a few rp3440 servers here.

Steven E Protter
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Bill Hassell
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Re: KVM switch support

A KVM switch is designed for keyboard/video/mouse (kvm) so unless you have a special video card and are using a mouse on your console screen, there is nothing you do with the KVM switch. If you have a classic terminal, there is zero relationship between a terminal and a video display. The terminal is connected with a serial cable and has no graphics or colors. Virtually all commercial Unix servers use a classic terminal. The exception is for workstations (and Linux systems which run on PCs with video cards). Most network appliances (routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc) have a serial port for management. With a lot of these, a teminal concentrator is commonly used to allow connecting to any of the machines from a single console terminal.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
YoungHwan, Ko
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Re: KVM switch support

HP9000 rp3440 model is not support VGA card.
If you want to use KVM switch, you have to add
A6150B(PCI 2D Graphics and 2 port USB Adptrs) product.

When you add VGA card, you have to set graphic.
Graphic setting method is as follows.

The setmon utility (/opt/graphics/common/bin/setmon) can be used to change the resolution/refresh settings of the monitor attached to a Visualize-FXe graphics options board (Product Number: A6150A). However, setmon cannot save this information to stable storage; therefore, the setting is not retained after the system is rebooted.

A simple script (as detailed below) can be introduced into the CDE start-up sequence to automatically change the monitor settings after each reboot.

To implement this script:

Use the setmon utility to change the monitor type of the system.


NOTE: When doing this, note the index value selected and choose NOT to save the changes to stable storage.

Create a /etc/rc.config.d/monitor file with the following contents:

# setmon is not able to update stable storage on rp[25]400/[AL]-class servers

# Run "setmon -r" to determine the index "s" value and
# update accordingly


Create a /usr/dt/config/dtrc.d/22_display file with the following contents:

# !/usr/bin/ksh

# NAME: /usr/dt/config/dtrc.d/22_display (chmod 544)
# PURPOSE: Monitor type cannot be retained on rp[25]400/[AL]-class servers
# PRE: Requires /etc/rc.config.d/monitor file:
# ex: SETMON_ARGS="-s 2"


if [ -f $SETMON_CONFIG ] ; then

if [ "$SETMON_ARGS" != "" -a -x $SETMON ]; then

Set the permissions on this /usr/dt/config/dtrc.d/22_display file to 744 (-rwxr--r--):

chmod 744 /usr/dt/config/dtrc.d/22_display