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Re: L 3000 server

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L 3000 server

Can anyone tell me what kind of console the L3000 server uses? It has a GPS Logic board and what looks like a 15 pin connector.
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Re: L 3000 server

The logic board is called a GSP or Management Processor. The connector you see is for a "pig tail" type cable that allows you to connect a UPS/Modem/console. You can try using a DB15 serial cable (null modem) if you dont have the pig-tail cable. The console can be VT100 or HPTERM emulation on just about any terminal. If sucessful you will see a login: prompt. The defaults for this login are null, so just hit ENTER twice to get to a GSP prompt.

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Re: L 3000 server

Hi Kevin,
you need to use w cable (part No : A6144-63001) to connect the console. W cable will have one side 25 pin D connector and other end will have 3 9 pin D connector(ups, remote, console). you need to connect the console to 9 pin D connector mentioned as console. you can also use 25pin to 9pin null modem cable to access the console but prefered to use the W cable.

There will be an RJ45 lan intrerface will be available in the GSP by configuring which you can access the console over lan.