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L Class Connections


L Class Connections

We have purchased a second user L2000 which has no cables.

How do I gain console access and what do I need for this, cables, terminal/pc types and what ports on slots 1 and 2 do I use.

Michael Tully
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Re: L Class Connections

Start here:
You should be able to find everything you require.

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Ted Buis
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Re: L Class Connections

You can come in via the LAN console. See details in the documentation at:

Or order part number A5191-63001 which is the DB25 to three different 9-pin connectors cable.
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Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: L Class Connections


Please check in the Manual A5191-96019 . it is available on docs.hp.com at hardware section.

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malvin drakley
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Re: L Class Connections

hello there, the cable you need is a 3 way cable part number A5191-63001, which gives connections from your console, ups and remote. If however you only have an ordinary console cable (24542G) you can actually connect it backwards on your 700/96 terminal. i.e 9 pin end to the terminal and 25 pin end to the L box. Remember to go in to the terminal setup and change your port selection
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dave daniels_2
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Re: L Class Connections


If you do not have the 3 way cable you can connect a 25 pin console cable to the connector in PCI slot 2 labeled console GPS reset. Using a laptop with a hyperterminal session will enable you to gain access. If you need a cable I can be of assistance.


Re: L Class Connections

Hi Guys,

First and foremost Thanks for your replies.

Trying all of your suggestions, the only way I achieved it was to aquire the 3 way "W" cable and using a 9pin female ended HP Switch console cable as an extention to a HP terminal 700/60. Setting the terminal to 9600 baud, 8bit, 1 stop bit, no parity and with xon/xoff set.

Thanks Again
Bill Wilkinson