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L1000 Platform Monitor A5191-60010

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L1000 Platform Monitor A5191-60010

I'm looking for documentation on the L1000 platform monitor p/n A5191-60010 that states this is a known defective part number and documentation with all subsequent revisions reflecting what each revision corrected.
Ted Buis
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Re: L1000 Platform Monitor A5191-60010

Go to http://h20141.www2.hp.com/hpparts/Country_Choice.asp
There you can enter A5191-60010 and it will show you the replacement part.
What you ask for is not publicly provided by HP. Some revisions don't deal with any defect, but deal with improvements or updated subcomponents, e.g. new processor chip support. There may be more material for Authorized Service Providers, but there is restricted access to those web pages.
Mom 6