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L1000 Server Lan micro cut


L1000 Server Lan micro cut

Dear All,

Actually i suspect a hardware problem on my L1000 server Lan card.

A similar problem has already occured on a a workstation B2000 and fixed by a patch (PHNE_25709).

Could you please tell me if somebody has occured the same problem on L1000 server or know a patch to fix it.

Best regards

Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: L1000 Server Lan micro cut

Check that patch id, PHNE_25709. I can't find it, are you sure that is the number?

Are both machines running the same HPUX version?

Give us some "lanscan -v" output on the L1000 so the drivers in use can be indentified. It is likely that the two machines have different LAN adapters/drivers and the server may need a different patch.