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L1000 memory upgrade.

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L1000 memory upgrade.


I have an L1000 with 1GB in RAM and I want to add 2GB more.
The board has three groups of slots, 2 groups with 4 slots each and 1 group with 8 slots.
There are 4 DIMMs of 256MB each connected to slots labeled as 0A, 1A, 0B and 1B. I want to install two DIMMs of 1GB each. My question is how they should be connected, to slots 2A and 2B or I have to change the connection of the others?

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Re: L1000 memory upgrade.

This link will be extremely helpful:


RULE # 1: You need to use ESD protection!!!

Make sure the power cords are completely disconnected.

You should remove the DIMMs in slots 0a & 0b.

Put your 1GB DIMMs in slots 0a & 0b

Put the 256MB DIMMs you removed into slots 2a & 2b.

Start the system back up.

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Re: L1000 memory upgrade.

Addendum to the above entry;

Make sure your Firmware is up to date. The original firmware did not support 1Gb modules.

I believe as late as 39.40 would not support the largest DIMMS. I believe the current release is 41.39. If you get it installed, and it won't boot, try upgrading it from tape.
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Re: L1000 memory upgrade.

Angus: Where should I check the firmware version, and where I can download the updated firmare?
Thanks very much for the info.
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Re: L1000 memory upgrade.

You have to reboot to check the FW version. I beleive it is displayed when you come to the BCH.
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Re: L1000 memory upgrade.

Hi Mauricio,

You can use the STM (Support Tools Manager) suite of commands to determine PDC version without having to reboot.
For example run the GUI - xstm - and select any CPU then do Tools -> Information -> Run
The output will list the PDC version.
Can also use the CLUI version cstm.

There are also contributed & 3rd party SW that will tell you PDC ver. They include Sysinfo, nickel & cfg2html. Do a google search for download URLs.

Most current PDC for L1000 is 41.39 & is available here:



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