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L1000 or L2000 ?

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marco zagazeta
Occasional Contributor

L1000 or L2000 ?

hey guy, i have an A519169301 motherboard that could be either an L1000 or L2000. I tested it with a 550 MHz CPU and w/ the L2000 clock switch settings and it came up fine. the only problem is that its showing as a L1000 when i boot it up. So i want to know if its posible for an L1000 to run 550's and if its not how can i change the display in the screen that says L1000 to and L2000? Thank you
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: L1000 or L2000 ?


I can suggest a work around.see if works.
Just to confirm that your board is L1000 or L2000.

Please refer the following link:


HP-Model Numbers are available here.

Please check the hp-model number of the Backplane which you have with you.
You will come to know that your board is real L1000 or L2000 .

And i don't think you could change the display from L1000 to L2000 so easily.


I'll sleep when i am dead.
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Re: L1000 or L2000 ?

L1000 and L2000 use exactly the same system boards. So if L2000 can run a 550 MHz CPUs, L1000 could technically handle that too.

However, the difference between L1000 and L2000 is a "lock code" which enables or disables about a half of the system board resources. The lock code is heavily encrypted and available only to HP engineers.

If the model number says the board should be from L2000, it may be "downgraded" from L2000 to L1000. In some situations, this may actually make sense in terms of reduced support contract costs.

Basically, if the board says it's a L1000 then it will function as a L1000. A HP engineer could easily make it become a L2000; however, HP generally wants some money from this transformation.