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Re: L2000 rebooting

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L2000 rebooting

One of our L-class systems has been rebboting a few times for the last couple of weeks. I have attached latest ts99 file. Just wondering any hardware experts out there would able to shed some light.

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Re: L2000 rebooting


well a quick look at the ts99 points to memory errors which are unrecoverable, probably double bit errors. This is enough to crash a system!

if it happens frequently you should enable crashdumps, so you can find out the true cause.

however, if its just bad memory we may be able to work out which dimm is giving the error from the stm info tool run against the memory.
post this if you can, also the last 6-8 error logs from the MP if its possible


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Re: L2000 rebooting

In the ts99, the HPMC timestamp is from Feb 9.
It looks like there was parity error on runway bus causing the HPMC.

Do you know if the system has CPU3 installed?