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L2000 temperature via GSP

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Joe Profaizer
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L2000 temperature via GSP

Is there a command that will inform me of the temperature inside the server? I know the server shuts down at a certain temperature threshold, but I'm just curious if I can find out what the temperature is at any time.


Gavin Clarke
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Re: L2000 temperature via GSP

Here's one thread that discusses this, it links to another too.


I've looked into this before, you can get alerts but I don't think you can ask what temp at any time.
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Re: L2000 temperature via GSP

System(L2000) does not send any information for normal temperature condition unless it's over heat.

/etc/envd.conf file is to set mail and paging for OverTemp.
Related files are /etc/rc.config.d/envd and /sbin/init.d/envd

Good Luck..
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Re: L2000 temperature via GSP

Temperature operation limits for L Series is 5 degree centi grade to 35 C or ( 41 F - 95 F)

recommended Operation range 20 C - 25 C ( 68 - 77 F)

It can be found in user manual at docs.hp.com

Good Luck..
Joseph Loo
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Re: L2000 temperature via GSP


as the other have say, there is no command to tell the operating temperature.

as i was looking at your profile, u sure need to buck up on assigning points to those who has assisted u. your unassign post are filling 8 pages and counting:


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Brad Baron
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Re: L2000 temperature via GSP

I wish everyone would stop begging for points!! This isn't a contest!!