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L3000-7x remote console and firmware update

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L3000-7x remote console and firmware update

I have just enabled remote console on the L3000.
I can gain access to the console by CO, but the GPS> prompt has me puzzled...

I would like to update the firmware since it has not been touched since 2002, and I will be installing 11.23.

But I do not see a command that shows me how to display the fireware or how to upgrade it for that matter.

Also when I type: SE
GSP> se


Command can only be executed from the Local or Remote Console ports.

I thought I was in Remote Console...
Steven E. Protter
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Re: L3000-7x remote console and firmware update


The L3000 server, also known as the rp5470 server does require a firmware update to gsp card prior to an installation of 11.23

GSP is a card in the system that can control and even reboot the system. It provides remote console services on the network if configured with an IP address.

This is an esoteric and not easy to understand aspect of administering this hardware


Read this page carefully and you will find procedures for finding the current version of firmware, and how to do the update, which is memory serves is done one of two ways.

Under 11.11 HP-UX there was a time where firmware was updated by stand alone patch depot.

Then a more advanced method involving playing around with ftp was thrust forward.

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Re: L3000-7x remote console and firmware update

To see the GSP Firmware revision type HE when in the GSP:

GSP> he


==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)===
Hardware Revision 8 Firmware Revision A.01.12 Oct 23 2002,13:53:42

For System PDC you can use either offline or via a patch under the OS.

You need to be at the local console and use the XU command:


==== GSP Help: General Configuration =======================================

XU : Upgrade the GSP Firmware

The upgrade is performed using ftp over the GSP LAN, which must therefore
be operational. The user must enter the ftp server IP address, login,
password, and the directory in which the upgrade files reside.

LAN and modem connections will be dropped. The XU command can only be
run from the local or internal ports. If the upgrade is successful, the
GSP will reboot and come up using the new software.

If the upgrade fails, the GSP will return to the prompt with instructions
on what went wrong, and what to do next.

Upgrading the GSP software and rebooting the GSP can be safely performed
without affecting the operation of the server.

The version of GSP firmware is displayed at the top of the main help menu.

(HE for main help, enter command name, or Q to quit)

There are 2 Versions of the GSP module A and B.

For the SE issue:


==== GSP Help: Connection ==================================================

SE : SEssion- log into the system on local or remote port

Only valid from the local or remote/modem port, SE allows the user to leave
the GSP Command Interface and enter a system session. Other mirrored GSP
users are placed in console mode. The session user returns to the mirrored
GSP session on exit.
The GSP regularly checks the activity of the session and will close the
connection with the system and return the port to mirroring if the timeout
period has elapsed. The timeout period is set in the IT command.


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Re: L3000-7x remote console and firmware update

What version OS is on the server right now?

FW upgrades are now available via PHSS pathces


PHSS_30632 for HP-UX 11.11 will upgrade the L3000 PDC FW to 44.12
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Re: L3000-7x remote console and firmware update

Thanks for the help