HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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L3000 and N4004 Backplane Layouts ??

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L3000 and N4004 Backplane Layouts ??

Can anyone point me to the backplane layout "pictures" for the L3000 and N4004?

There used to be a manual called something like "Hardware Reference Manual" for each model which showed diagrams of what cards were where, but I can't find it on the HP web site.

I wrote this down, once upon a time, but I don't think it's right:

L2000/L3000 has 12 slots.

0/10/0 12
0/12/0 11
0/8/0 10
0/9/0 9
0/3/0 8
0/1/0 7 (empty on L1000)
0/5/0 6 ...
0/4/0 5 ...
0/1/0 4 ...
0/4/2 3 ...
0/1/0 2 GSP LAN Console / Console
0/1/0 1 CoreI/O LAN / Thin SCSI

Note that I have 0/1/0 about 4 times. That can't be right, can it?

I suspect that they're marked on the back of the server, but the computer room is some ways from here.
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Re: L3000 and N4004 Backplane Layouts ??

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Re: L3000 and N4004 Backplane Layouts ??


It wasn't the book I had thought of, but it worked perfectly.

Tell me, please, how did you find that? Through a search, or just did you know about it?

I'm going to have to do the same thing, make little maps, for all the servers in the shop. I'm just starting with Ls and Ns...
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Re: L3000 and N4004 Backplane Layouts ??


I did an advanced search (the "more options" button at the top of the page) and searched for all words on "L3000 diagram" with Technical Documents and Manuals checked. It came back with results from 3 manuals and 1 tech doc. Other than the link I gave you, the rest of the results were worthless.

I guess I would call it sheer dumb luck - but I'm glad it helped.