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L3000 with 550Mhz procs

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Darren Murray_1
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L3000 with 550Mhz procs

I want to upgrade our current L3000 which has 550Mhz procs.

Do i need to upgrade the gsp to a version B board for this upgrade?

Or can i just change the dip switch settings and procs?

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Re: L3000 with 550Mhz procs


no need to upgrade the gsp just change switch settings...
but if you have the opportunity to upgrade gsp you should do it ;-)

Stf ;-)
timmy b.
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Re: L3000 with 550Mhz procs


You will not have to upgrade to a rev B GSP.

However, you need to check a few things.
What version of system do you currently have? Is it a L3000A or L3000B?
What are you upgrading to?
Do you have the correct PSM's?
What is your firmware level?
What about licensing? Are you aware that you cannot change the Model String? (Only HP CE's can change it.)

Good Luck - Tim
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Re: L3000 with 550Mhz procs

Hi Darren, here's a little extra help for you, I can't tell you much more than what's already been said.

The PSM: Your current Processor Support Module for the 550MHz proc will be a A5796A. If you are upgrading to a 650 or 750Mhz CPU, you will need a A6799A PSM.

The system Rev: As far as I'm aware, you will need to have the "B" rev system(A6144B) to be able to upgrade further than 550mhz.

If you are upgrading from an A(A6144A) to a B system, then an HP engineer will need to come out to upgrade for you.

I get a lot of my information from the partsurfer website - it's a great little site: http://partsurfer.hp.com/cgi-bin/spi/main

Hope this has been some help...