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LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

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LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

Dear Forum,

Since some days I have the problem in subject.
In attachment the syslog file.
Anyone could help me?

Many Thanks
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

Hi Alessandro,

Check this doc for more information.

Document description: How can I tell which cpu has logged an LPMC error?
Document id: UXDNKBRC00001801


I would open a hardware call to the HP response centre.

Hope this helps,
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Re: LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.


Call HP for support,
never give up
Shaikh Imran
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Re: LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

Please run the stm and get the information of all the devices.==>check for error on that device.
Also if possible run the verifier through stm.

I'll sleep when i am dead.
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Re: LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

Thanks guys!

I noticed to the HP local support and they response me there is no critical situation since I have inly one entry of the error in syslog. I will monitor the istance for next days to verify no more kinf of errors appear.

Joshua Scott
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Re: LPMC type : D-Cache Parity Error.

Just a note, a D-Cache or I-Cache parity error (Single Bit) can be caused by anything from background radiation to overheating CPUs. When only one appears (this one seems to be the only one in the last 4 months) I would assume that it is due to background radiation. Of course you should always call HP support (why not, if you paid for it). When it appears more than once, there is a very good chance that the CPU has a physical defect or heat damage that will cause it to fail soon. It's always better to be able to schedule downtime to replace a CPU on the weekend, rather than to have the server go down in the middle of the day.

What are the chances...