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Re: LVM : Failure in attaching pv

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LVM : Failure in attaching pv

Hi guys,

could please assist in solving this problem. The system is reporting

LVM: failure in attaching pv(10/8.5.0) to the root volume.
Cross device link. The disk is not LVM disk
LVM: failure in attaching pv(10/8.4.0) to the root volume.

The system has two 4.2G Mirrored root disks.

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Re: LVM : Failure in attaching pv


ioscan -fnC disk, check if both the disks status is shown CLAIMED. check /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log for HDD failures. or SCSi errors. check /var/tombstones/ts99 latest file in this dir. gives the harware status of system while booting. grep for errors.


Re: LVM : Failure in attaching pv

Hi there,

At what stage do you get these errors?
Do these disks power up at all?

To me it seems the system can not see the disks on path 10/8. Please get your H/ware engineer to ensure that the power/bus cables are firmly connected.

What model are u using?

Good luck


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Re: LVM : Failure in attaching pv

Are you able to boot the box at all? From your message. i would guess not.

You may need to restore from Ignite. and rebuild your disks.

It appears your disk header info is damaged... i think you should be able to repair it. The OS doesnt recognize that disk as LVM...

First though check to see if it shows CLAIMED and can be queried by diskinfo and pvdisplay... if not then you will have to recreate whichever mirror is bad...of course the disk config may be corrupted so ignite recovery may be your best hope.
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Re: LVM : Failure in attaching pv

Thanks all. I was able to identify the faulty drive which has been isolated for now. The system is working perfectly.


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