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Lan console ^Ecf

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Lan console ^Ecf

Hi all,

I've just managed to set up a Lan Console on an L2000 Server, but when I telnet to it, after logging into the GSP, instead of having the normal GSP prompt I get the following message:

[ Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access ]

Then when I type the sequence (which I believe it stands for CTRL-Ecf) there's a message saying:

[ bumped user -]

Then I get my console prompt back. If I try again to go to GSP (CTRL-b) then everything is normal, the normal GSP> prompt appears.

Is there any way to fix this behavior? Or is this a normal behavior?

Thanks for your help in advance...





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Re: Lan console ^Ecf


This is completely normal behavior.

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Re: Lan console ^Ecf


This is absolutely normal.

You should just remember the combination of keys (ecf) to bump user.

Good Luck..
Bill Hassell
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

Actually, a bit of an explanation is necessary. The Guardian Service Processor is a small computer system that knows how to keep non-volatile logs in RAM, talk to the processor (no relationship to HP-UX), and manage a serial port, a LAN port, a modem, etc.

The GSP is capable of talking to all console ports at the same time, but only one is allowed write-access (for obvious reasons). So when another port has taken control, any input from another port (serial, modem, LAN) will receive the ^Ecf prompt. It means that write access (keyboard control) has been removed from one port (bumped the GSP user) and given to the current port.

It keeps everything straight.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

Thank you very much to all of you for your time and answers...
Specially to Bill that took the time to explain me the real reason I was seeing this behaviour.
Christopher Suleske
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

greetings. what is the proper key combination? i've tried holding ctrl and typing e c f and this does not work. also holding ctrl and tying shift-e c f. no dice. this has to be one of those "i'm completely overthinking this thing" sort of occasions.

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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

To answer Christopher's question:

CTRL+e and then type 'c' and then 'f'

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Michael Miller_13
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

I think was christopher was asking. Is how do I do a Ctrl-Ecf in a telnet window. The answer is you use the escape character '^]'. You can enter the escape character by typing "Ctrl-'^]". You will get a telnet prompt "telnet>" at the telnet prompt you type "telnet>send brk" you will get console write access after that.
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

Does anyone know if their is a way to reset a forgotten password? Also, Why do things come out in "CAPS" when I type, even if I press caps lock?
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Re: Lan console ^Ecf

Chuck, please open your own thread next time!

Anyway, read this:


Hope this helps!

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