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Latest Gigether-01 bundle for HP-UX 11i


Latest Gigether-01 bundle for HP-UX 11i

Hi All,

I know this is available on the latest 11i App CD's but can someone please tell me where this is located on the WWW.

Thanks in advance.
Michael Tully
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Re: Latest Gigether-01 bundle for HP-UX 11i

Go here:

and use 'gigabit' as your search. These will be displayed as the latest. You can then download.

s700_800 11.11 cumulative SAM patch PHCO_24118

s700_800 11.11 Boot panic (w/Fiber Ch. & Gig. Ethernet) fix PHKL_23957

s700_800 11.11 INTRMIGR enabler, WSIO support patch PHKL_28569

s700_800 11.11 I/O,PA 8700 2.2,vPar,PCI-X,CDUMP,IM perf PHKL_29798

s700_800 11.11 100BT unified driver cumulative patch PHNE_28799

s700_800 11.11 GELAN 1000Base-SX/T B.11.11.14/19 cum. patch PHNE_28883

s700_800 11.11 LAN product cumulative patch PHNE_28923

s700_800 11.11 IGELAN 1000Base-SX/T B.11.11.[02-11] patch PHNE_29631

s700_800 11.11 nettl(1M), netfmt(1M) and nettladm(1M) patch PHNE_30450
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Re: Latest Gigether-01 bundle for HP-UX 11i


Plz find the Url to find the the patch bundle for gigbit ethernet


The patch description and dependencies, u may find in this url


Hope this help u

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Re: Latest Gigether-01 bundle for HP-UX 11i

Thanks Guys,

But my apologies for not being sufficiently specific, I am after the following:

Gigabit Ethernet driver (GigEther-01 bundle version B.11.11.11).

This is apparently one of the latest for supporting A6847A PCI 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet Adapter