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Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

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Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

I have a legacy HP-800/H60 running HP-UX 10.20 which gives me a whole slew of Access Fault 0079L errors for all the bootup tests, until I get the ENTRY_INIT status =-4 when I try to boot.

I assumed it was the boot drive and replaced it, but am getting the same error. So I want to restore from a make_recovery tape, but I don't see the path for the tape drive. Yes, autoboot and Autosearch are enabled, but I get only 2 paths and neither path boots.

Is this machine too old to boot from tape? How can I get the OS onto the drives? Anyone know what an access fault 0079L is?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

Pretty slim pickings.


If it has a tape drive and you made a make_tape_recovery or make_recovery backup and it still works it might boot off tape.

There is a hardware fault that must be corrected prior to this system working right.

Of course the system is out of support by a decade and HP support probably won't look at it.

Someone must fix the hardware before the system will boot. The HP Response Center might be able to look up the code if the link is no good.

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Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

If its a external tape pls connect it to other SCSI port and then check if u r able to see the path.
status=-4 means there is some hardware error.
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Re: Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot


you need to know and type the correct hardware path to the tape drive. The default of the internal drive is

52.0.0 (this is SCSI ID 0)

because the system can't search for it.

If you are using an external drive, have a look at the backside of the server, there is the slot number. The hardware path is


Hope this helps!

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Re: Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

Hello Matthew ,

I found this in the knowledge base

it indicates that -4 are scsi board /disk io related if the disk light does not flash during poweron self test i would suspect the scsi card or possibly the io back plane
good luck
mike e.
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Re: Legacy HP-800/H60 won't boot

It appears now that it is the core i/o card that has failed... not the disk drive.