HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Re: Linux in HP 9000

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Linux in HP 9000

I have a HP 9000 D class server (model D270) and I need to know what Linux is the best option for this server. It will be a database server.


Augusto (Brazil)
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Re: Linux in HP 9000

i guess it is the best to take RED HAT....
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Re: Linux in HP 9000

Have a look at Debian 3.0. They apparently now have HPPA support, though support for server class machines and the appropriate cards is very limited. Be sure to read thoroughtly before pursuing this.

More information:

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Re: Linux in HP 9000

A friend of mine periodically tries the various linuxes' on his hp9000/735 - from the experiences he's made I'd strongly advise You to stick with hp-ux, mostly from a performance point of view; also, mysql and friends are all available on hp-ux.
A D270 will play fine with 11.11, just try to give it a faster boot disk (10k/15k) and as much ram as You want.
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Re: Linux in HP 9000

Hi there.
If you really want to do it, look at Debian for PA-RISC cpu.
I would stick with HP-UX. Reason is better tools for admins and better performance.
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