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MM3000 BOMs

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MM3000 BOMs

Despite transferring to a new system (Astea) for our Service Operations, we still have our old HP3000 switched on and running MM3000 to allow our engineers to access old BOMs when they field queries about old petrol pumps. Only current BOMs were transferred to the Astea 5 years ago as it has limited BOM capability. Managent are keen to swicth off the old HP3000 but our engineers insist that they still need access to old BOMs.

Does anyone know of an application where these old BOMs could be downloaded for review purposes?

Bill Hassell
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Re: MM3000 BOMs

You'll need to find someone familiar with MPE and MM3000 to read the database and format the result into a form that a modern database can use. BOM (I assume Bill Of Materials)  is likely a complex data collection so a simple ASCII file won't be usable. for searchng. 


Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: MM3000 BOMs

Hi Simon

Please share the complete information on the product and issue. I would appreciate, if you can reach out one of the support person on the phone with product details and let us know your question with product serial. The appropriate support person should be able to help you or guide you to the correct support team.




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Dennis Handly
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Re: MM3000 BOMs

> Please share the complete info on the product and issue

MPE went out of support a decade ago and all boards for that OS were deleted.

No idea when MM 3000 went out of support?

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Re: MM3000 BOMs

Is it possible to use the report package changing the target to a file then you can view offline.

i also thought you could port part or all of the boms to other sw like shedulex so you must be able to port to another viewer.

not sure that helps

cheers ex MM3000 WW support for HP