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MP card hang

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MP card hang

Dear All,
The MP card hang and it is strange that it can not restart even if we press MP reset button on the board of RP3440.How could we deal with it exception to replace it?
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MP card hang

It sounds like a hardware failure; replace the card. If the Force is with you, you may be able to remove all power cords; reinsert them; and do a cold start.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Asif Sharif
Honored Contributor

Re: MP card hang


I agreed with Stephenson, do a cold reboot to machine and then check if it works that fine else change the MP card.

Asif Sharif
Asif Sharif
Occasional Visitor

Re: MP card hang

The MP reset button will only attempt a softreset of the processor on the MP card. If the processor is looping in a higher priority task, this softreset will be ignored.

The MP is powered by standby voltage and a power on reset will attempt a hardreset. Power on reset will require AC voltage to be removed. Just powering the system off and on will NOT do a power on reset.

For a complete 100% reset of all things related to MP will require access to the battery on the MP. Remove the battery from the MP card for 5 to 10 seconds, then re-install battery and MP card back into the system. This should only be done if you have no MP card to replace and you need to try and resolve a problem as soon as possible.

If the customer is on old MP firmware, update the firmware. There was a problem where an arp storm would cause the MP to hang. Of the three times I have seen a complete MP hang, in two cases the probem has not reappeared after the MP was reset. We are still waiting to see what happens to the third case.

Check the SL logs to make sure the MP did not fail. If the MP fails selftest, an entry is make in the SL logs. If the customer continues to see MP hangs, after a reset, replace the card. All LEDs on the MP card can be viewed externally.