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MP hanged... help help

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MP hanged... help help

I have rp7420 server. HP-UX 11.11 is running on it. The problem is, its MP is hanged somehow. I can't access it neither from the console (serial) nor from MP LAN. I have reset it from MP reset button but nothing happened.
Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Abdul Qayyum
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: MP hanged... help help

Hi Abdul,

If your above actions had NO effect.

Log a call with your local HP responce center.

If the MP does not respond anymore, the only thing you can do is to shutdown your server to a halt, power off the system, remove the power for +/- 30 seconds, power on the server, boot to multiuser mode.

obviously you need some maintenance time.

Hope this helps,
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Re: MP hanged... help help

how many MP do you have. Maybe your curent MP move to another MP. please plug at other MP. maybe move to the other MP.

Please check led at the MP. where is the MP active.